Monday, April 22 2019

6 Health Problems Due to Pinworms

Be careful when you touch the skin or other objects directly, you may be contaminated with pinworms. This parasite can attack the large intestine of humans with a small size that is only about 2-13 millimeters and causes infection.

The symptoms that arise when pinworms multiply on the human body are itching, pain, and anus rash. When pinworms continue to multiply in the body, it can trigger complications in the genitals such as inflammation of the vagina or urinary tract infections.

The cause of pinworms infects humans usually through a person or object that has been contaminated. Pinworm eggs can enter the body through the mouth and nose. Pinworm eggs that have been inside the human body will live and hatch in the sewer.

When pinworms grow up, they will multiply by laying eggs. Then, the pinworm will come out through the anus at night to put the eggs in the folds of the skin around the anus. The egg will cause itching and irritation. If carded. the egg from the pinworm will move to the finger. When the finger holds someone or an object, the egg will move and spread.

Then, some health problems that might be caused when pinworms enter the human body are:

1. Reduced Weight

One health problem that occurs when pinworms are in the human body is reduced weight. This is because when pinworms are in the body, the person will lose appetite. As a result, his weight continues to decline. This condition is also caused because the digestive tissue has been irritated. For children, when exposed to pinworms for weeks makes his body thin with a distended stomach.

2. Insomnia

Insomnia can occur when a person has pinworms. The large number of pinworms and the continued proliferation in the intestines can make the stomach feel constantly nauseous and sore. Then, the activity of a pinworm that never stops causes persistent itching. These things happen before bedtime and cause the person to have difficulty sleeping or because of insomnia. Therefore insomnia can be said to occur due to the impact of pinworms.

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3. Dizziness and nausea

Someone who is infected with pinworms may experience dizziness and nausea. Pinworms that enter the digestive system will cause irritation and inflammation around the digestive area. This condition can cause a person to experience nausea and vomiting. If left unchecked, it will cause headaches and stress due to the tension in the nerves of the head.

4. Inflammation of the Tubal Canal

The fallopian tubes that experience inflammation are also one of the health problems that occur due to pinworms. The activity of pinworms in the body causes inflammation of the fallopian tubes, so that a lot of pus fluid settles on the channel. This condition makes it easier for other bacteria to join and lead to lymph vessels, causing swelling.

5. Damaging the intestinal wall

Pinworms can damage the intestinal wall when it enters the small intestine and the stomach then leads to blood vessels that eventually flow to the heart arteries as well as lung tissue. To avoid the transmission of pinworms that are swallowed by mouth, you should wash your hands before or after doing activities.

6. Inflammation of Miss V

Inflammation of Miss V is also one of the effects of pinworms. A woman who has pinworms will experience itching around the anus, especially at night. This can make the person unconsciously scratch it repeatedly. If you accidentally touch the Miss V, the eggs of the pinworm will move and cause itching and inflammation. It can also cause minor damage to the walls of Miss V.

These pinworm eggs can stick to clothing and last for several weeks. If we mix these clothes with other clothes, then it is possible that this worm will spread to other people quickly.

For this reason health experts advise us to always diligently wash our hands with water and soap, especially before eating and after using the bathroom or toilet. Be sure to diligently cut stiff and wear footwear or gloves when working in a dirty place.

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