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Benefits of Breakfast for health

Do you often skip breakfast for reasons of being in a hurry or because you are on a diet? It's best to think again, because the benefits of breakfast can actually help you lose weight and keep you healthy!

Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast menu can actually help you concentrate, increase endurance, and reduce cholesterol levels. Wondering what other properties are given by breakfast? Here's the answer!

Benefits of Breakfast

The term 'breakfast is the most important meal menu in a day' might be true. Because the breakfast does have a variety of benefits. Come on, see the importance of breakfast!

Energy supply

Breakfast can restore the body's energy after a long time of fasting while sleeping. Because, breakfast replenishes the body's glycogen supplies, which are energy-giving substances to the body's muscles.

Breakfast also increases the brain's ability to solve problems, concentration, and coordination of body muscles. On the other hand, people who do not eat breakfast tend to get angry quickly and lack physical activity because they feel tired.

Weight Controller

Breakfast plays an important role in the diet program. Someone who eats breakfast will feel less hungry in the middle or during the day, so too much eating can be avoided.

Skipping breakfast can also increase fat storage. This happens due to increased insulin response. This condition can trigger weight gain.

Choosing a Healthier Dish

Hunger can make someone want to eat as soon as possible. So they tend to choose unhealthy dishes, such as ready-to-eat foods or less fiber.

Conversely, people who are breakfast feel not too hungry so they can choose the next time the meal is more controlled. Choices of food in a calm state tend to be healthier, low fat, and nutritious.


Healthy Breakfast Dining Menu

In order for you to get the three benefits above, the type of food eaten at breakfast is important to note. Choose a good breakfast menu and contain carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

To help you choose the breakfast menu, following a row of good types of healthy food eaten at breakfast.

Oatmeal, Wheat Bread, Beans

Oats contain potassium, omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid which are good for the body. Oats are also rich in beta-glucan fiber, which is one of the fibers that helps lower cholesterol.

If you want a sweet oat dish, it's better to add nuts, fruit, or skim milk. Avoid added sugar because it can reduce the benefits of serving. In addition, you can choose wheat bread that is rich in fiber.

In addition to oats and whole wheat bread, you can include beans in your breakfast menu. Nuts contain unsaturated fats and high in potassium. This food will make you full longer and help the success of a diet program.


To supply protein, you can get it through eggs. This food is not only delicious, but also filling because it can maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Don't throw egg yolks when eating them. Because the egg yolk contains antioxidants that can prevent eye diseases, such as cataracts.

Coffee and Tea

Besides water, you can drink coffee or tea at breakfast. The content of caffeine in coffee can make you more alert, help burn fat, also speed up metabolism.

But remember, coffee can also cause addiction. Limit consumption to normal limits, which is 400 mg of caffeine per day, equivalent to 4 cups of coffee. If you want sweeter coffee, replace the sugar with skim milk to make it healthier.

If you don't like coffee, you can drink tea. This one drink is rich in catechins, which are immune enhancing antioxidants. And if you are dieting, you should choose green tea because it is useful for losing weight too.

Banana and Watermelon

For fruit intake, you can choose bananas or watermelons. Bananas that are rich in resistant starch that keeps the feeling full lasts long. While watermelons with high water content keep you hydrated.

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