Monday, April 22 2019

Best Healthy Breakfast Menu for Families to Eat

Narrow time should not be used as an excuse for your mother to serve a simple breakfast and not even pay attention to nutritional intake for your beloved family. Besides being a moment of togetherness in the family, breakfast is also a supporter of activities throughout the day and can also prevent overeating in the afternoon. Therefore, the mother must fulfill the nutrition needed by all family members at breakfast. The healthy breakfast menu that is served does not need to be complicated, because according to Erica Giovinazzo, MS, RD, a nutritionist from the Clay Health Club, New York, simply combine good carbohydrates, fiber and protein. Come on Mother, peek at the best breakfast menu to fulfill the nutrition of your beloved family.


Many cereals are chosen to be a healthy & nutritious breakfast menu for families because they are practical and include many nutrients needed by the body. A healthy breakfast menu that is good for consumption is cereal. Cereals are suitable for consumption because of the carbohydrate content in them. Choose cereals made from whole grains, because they are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Don't forget to add milk to increase protein and calcium nutritional intake.


There are three types of berries that are recommended as a complement to the breakfast menu, namely raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. All three have high antioxidant content, up to vitamin C & K which is good for bone strength. Not only that, the content of anthocyanins (natural pigments in plants that have a type of antioxidant) is also good for heart health. How to serve it simply put it on cereal or oatmeal porridge without the need to add sugar.


According to Melinda Johnson, MS, RD from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, oatmeal has a high fiber content and is digested for a long time. Ideally served as much as 30 grams of breakfast for adults and 15-20 grams per serving for your child. For a bowl of oatmeal to look more attractive to your little one, add a variety of fresh berries or banana pieces in it.


If bananas are usually served by frying for breakfast, you can now start serving fresh bananas with a more attractive appearance, such as cut into small pieces or printed and then put into a menu of oatmeal or cereal. According to Laura Flores, a nutritionist from San Diego, bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and B6 which are good for strengthening the nervous system and white blood cells.


This one food is easily made in various ways, boiled, fried or made into cake dough. For breakfast, this one food can be used as a diverse menu, given the many nutrients such as leutin and zeaxanthin which are good for the eyes, choline for brain development and most importantly protein intake for muscle growth.

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